So, at Virginia States, I tried a yyr clash, but never figured out if it was the 2012 or 2011 version. If this helps, it was vey fast, light, and gold. Are the 2 versions very different, or will I be happy with either?


TBH, you’ll probably be happy with any YYR :slight_smile:

But I hear that you aren’t even supposed to take them apart…definitely wouldn’t buy one myself.

If you heard that from a certain store, I think that’s just a disclaimer to cover themselves. Really, I’ve heard people saying that they took their yyrs apart, and nothing happened.

I took my old YYR 6 and Messiah apart over 50 times each and I owned the Messiah for about a month(regret trading) and the 6 for about 3 months they were both dead smooth so don’t avoid YYR for that reason.

What does yyr stand for?


Does anyone have an answer?

I’ve heard a lot of people like the '11 version more.

It’s what Mr.wIerdHObBies31 just said. Yoyorecreation.

The reason why you don’t take a high performance throw apart often is because you might need to tune them again to correct vibes. Of course, if you think that having vibes during play is not a concern for you, by all means go ahead.

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No, he wasn’t referring to what yyr stands for…cmon, he even used yyr in his original post!

He was REFERRING to his op. I’m really not sure, you should maybe pop into the yyr appreciation thread and ask.