I just havent been feeling the same with yo-yoing i just dont get the joy of still doing it, everything just seems the same to me now. I’ve started doing things like im really good at video editing but i just dont know what to do with yoyoing i mean i can always just be able to do it it just i dont know what do you think

You need to get creative. Pick up a responsive yoyo, or a looper. Start learning something new, you will fall in love all over again.

Why don’t you make yoyo videos?

Maybe go watch some competition videos? Maybe some product videos? Maybe some performance videos?

Maybe try a new style? Maybe a new bearing or new strings? How about a new yoyo that’s very different than your current one?

Then again, sometimes when the magic goes, it goes. Just take a break and walk away for it for a while. If it was meant to be, you’ll come back. If not, that was how it was meant to be. On the positive side of things, you have found things you both enjoy and claim to be good at.

Try something else, maybe kendama, just for a bit.

There is a saying…

“If your not having fun, your doing it wrong…”

Look at what made you love it in the first place…

…the others are right too - sometimes you just need a break.

Thats why I have several hobbies - I’ll swap when things start getting stale.

Buy a Walter I bet that will bring out the best.