Does anyone know a really good way to get a yoyo out of a garbage disposal that is stuck on?

I really need quick help, because I can hear my Majesty getting destroyed… Plz help!!! Respond AsAp.

There’s a plug for the disposal under the sink. Maybe a switch. Start there. Unless this is April fools. In that case, just reach in and grab it.

Kill the power to the disposal. Might have to unplug it or turn off a power breaker. I think April fools to tell the truth. :wink:

Most garbage disposals are equipped with moisture sensors that make the blades stop immediately if anything skin-like touches them. The issue was patched in the last 4.5.1 firmware update.

Just reach in and grab it.

Thanks a lot. Now I can’t yoyo until the doctors sew my left pointer and middle fingers back on.

I hate it when they say the patch it but they don’t actually. Or maybe my disposal is running 4.4.9?

Oh I did that once, it squished my whole arm, I was stuck there for half an hour! AF

This begs the question,



points to calendar

points to post


Well, my hand stopped bleeding. I haven’t lost more than 3 gallons so I should be good right? Only 2.

Will a bandaid put my finger back on?

That and superglue.

or bacon.

Bacon fixes anything.

Uhhh… the average adult only has 1 gallon…