hello i whont a new yoyo but i dont know what i should get. some ting thats is a upgrade from my dv888

i whont your OPINION

cost 30-90

Our opinion can’t help you decide, much less is there an “upgrade” from a DV888. Also, please make the title relevent to the topic at hand. “Need help picking a new yoyo” would be good.

What are you preferences? If you tell us that, we can help you decide.

Agreed, with out preferences we could be telling you everything you don’t want to hear.

If you like undersized a y factor or a 44 would be a good choice.

Apetrunk i dont whanna hear your OPINION

If you want help deciding, give your preferences. I’ll help, regardless of the rudeness presented, if you give your preferences.

WOW! That’s just uncalled for. Ape has helped many of us on this forum, myself included. I would suggest utilizing the forum experts and their knowledge, not be rude to them.

okey i was a litter bit angry becouse i have only one yoyo and then i dont know
what my preferences is.

when i buy a yoyo its cost for shipping 27 dollars so i need to buy a good yoyo

Would it be better if you bought a yoyo made in Sweden that way shipping is cheaper since you live in Sweden. Hspin yoyos have very high quality.

in sweden we dont have any yoyos :’(

Don’t worry about it.

If you’re so worried about spending a lot, then there’s nothing wrong with just sticking what you have. The DV888 is a fantastic yoyo. However, if you really want to test the waters of what’s out there, try getting a few plastics. They’re great. Also with that, maybe another cheap metal. Just a suggestion.

Oh, I mistaked Sweden with Switzerland. But can´t you order a yoyo from europe, or a store in europe, it has to be cheaper than shipping from US.

I would either get a hubstacked genesis or plain genesis or get a protostar and a few other plastics

Then what do you not like about the DV888? Is the shape wrong? Is it too heavy? Is it too big, too small.etc

it is not stable ENOUGH

If you want a stable yoyo get a genesis. most stable yoyo I have played with

How is it not stable? It sounds like you just need to work on your throw.

Dv888 is fairly stable. Maybe… sometimes on insanely fast tricks… where you’re jerking it around, it might move a little bit, but nothing too big to stop your play. I think Ape’s right.