I’m thinking about entering the Alabama State Yo-yo contest. I’m ok at tricks but I need advice for stringing together multiple combos and longer sleep times. Please help!!! :’(

Just practice doing smooth combos. Since one of your favorite tricks are Green Triangle Laceration (Brent Stole) and the other is Laceration, I would do a laceration, hop it off of the trapeze and while the yoyo’s in midair, perform a Brent Stole. And for other smooth combos learn some cool smooth looking tricks and perform them in a smoothly order. That’s all you have to do, and you’ll be looking good. :wink: 8)

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The only thing we can really say is practice more.

Also a relavant thread title would be nice.

I would just use YouTube and search making combos or somthing like that and that might give you some insperation.

this is pretty basic tutorial but maybe it will help

Find a few tricks you like and then try to link them together. And remember, you don’t need to fully finish a trick to chain into another trick or you can add filler moves to get into the other tricks.

Braintwister combos and other simple tricks work good as fillers. :smiley:

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I don’t know if this helps, but don’t go trying to make combos; let combos come to you. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust me, my favorite combos come from just doing random tricks in my spare time.

As for longer spin time, you can try widening the gap of your Dark Magic. This could help with reducing friction between the string and the sides of the yo-yo, improving spin time.

You can either purchase YYJ shims:

Or you can make your own homemade shims. Here’s a tutorial: