i got a new yoyo from a friend.

its black, small bearing. butterfly shaped. its got two circles protruding out of the inner portion of the outer side. (if that makes any sense). on one of the little nub things there is a white 0 or maybe its an and on the other one is a 9 or a 6. i’d post a pic but i can’t right now. hopefully that all made sense. if not ask ?s. thanks! ;D

Metal, Plastic? and are those things hubstacks?

full metal. and no. the nub things would be like the metal that protrudes where the axle sits. like in clyw’s. they have the pointy little ones. these are like that but flattened.

Yomega Maverick, Almost Certain.

I don’t think so, It looks nothing like a Maverick. Unless they drastically changed the design recently and this one is an older model. I doubt that though.

If you post a picture, it would be easier for us to help. :slight_smile:

i’ll try to post a pic today. but i’m certain it ain’t a maverick. ;D

I found your yoyo! It is a fools gold Bassalope. there are the details. :wink:

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thank you so much! my mind is at ease now! ;D