Help Identify My Old YoYo

This old yoyo is some type of plastic, most likely celluloid or bakalite. Hot Pink and Blue with Black marble edges. No markings.


would you mind putting up a profile shot or 2 please? thanks!


I tried but it said since I am new I could only upload one photo




i’m not sure… it’s pretty though. thank you for the additional pics!


Wow, is it a custom job. I thought you might get an answer on here… Some of the wisest minds on yoyos current and historical around.
It’s weird looking.
How wide & tall is it?

Is bakelite but not the old duncan ones

That is an odd one for sure.

It is about 2.25" across and 1" tall. I think it is celluloid. The pink and blue colors are puffy and hollow sound when I tap them.

It looks like a custom job to me, but they’re usually wood.

Does it twist apart? Is the axle fixed or does it have a ball bearing between the two halves?

I had to use a flashlight but looks like the axle is a metal piece. I can turn the two halves a bit but it then goes out of round and does not seem to want to twist apart. The string looks like it is knotted around the axle. I don’t see a ball bearing.

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