What is this yoyo?


Hey everybody.

Alright, so I went to a garage sale over the weekend and came across this yoyo that the lady was selling for a buck. I just glanced at the inside, saw a bearing, figured it was just a dollar and thought I had a great deal so I gave her my money and left.

I took it home and played with it for awhile and got curious about exactly what kind of yoyo it is and who made it. Unfortunately there were no marking anywhere on it.

Basically I’m hoping somebody with a bit more knowledge than me happens to know what this is.

As you can see it has “wings” like a butterfly shape but its rather skinny. It also has a rather strange (though my experience is rather limited) make-up with a metal frame but plastic wings, almost like some off-string yoyos. It also has a bearing and spacers. I’m pretty sure its a size A bearing though I don’t actually own any size A bearings anymore so I don’t know exactly how to test this.

The spacers are some sort of weird rubber or thin plastic but I’m not sure.

It spins for about 40 seconds on a good throw (with 50/50 string) but it slows down tremendously if any actual tricks are done. I’m sure its capable of spinning longer though but along the way the bearing was somehow magnetized which probably hurt its spin-times somewhat.

It doesn’t seem to have a response system of any sort (no rubber/stickers/o-rings/silicone) and it has literally no words or markings anywhere on it.

Hopefully somebody can help me identify this yoyo. Its been driving me crazy all week and I’ve checked just about every resource I can find though its quite possible I’m just stupid and it slipped through the cracks somewhere.

Oh, and if anybody needs better quality pictures please tell me. I took these with my phone cause my camera was acting up but I’ll borrow a friend’s or something if it’ll help.


It reminds me of some Custom Products yoyos. The Mag Turbine and stilletto come to mind.

Also, there’s a lot of Aoda’s that use cut-outs in their designs. I can’t see any shots of the profile like you did(at least you know what to shoot and how to shoot it), so I can’t really be sure.

I think it’s so slim inside it doesn’t need a response system. Think like the Imperial.

I have no idea what it is.


Auldey Speed Evil.