(Punchline101) #1

I cleaned my bearing and everything and it became responsive.It wasn’t responnsive before. Do I need to break it in?? I washed it with another bearing that used to be responssive. What should i do??? ??? ???


Calm down :smiley: just break it in and if you used to much lube clean it again and put a needle heads worth of lube then break that in it is very simple and try to remember that :wink:


make sure the lube you are using is thin too


Did you lube it? What did you clean it with? Cleaning with multiple bearings at the same time doesn’t matter.


In the future, please change your post title to something more informative. “Responsive Bearing- Help” would have worked.

Anyways, how did you clean it? And did you lube it afterwards?
If you didn’t lube it, it’s possible the cleaner left a residue, and your bearing is sticky. Is spin times affected???

If you did lube it, just break it in, it is possible that the residue is in there too.