Help with the Ricochet yoyo????

So i was wondering weather or not to get the ricochet yoyo. As I was reading the description and watched the videos, one of them had a walk the dog and the yoyo made “sparks” as it did that. Was that a camera trick, or is it actually possible??
Thanks! ??? ??? ???

Due to the yoyo being titanium, it is possible. Just walk the dog on cemen.

Wouldn’t that scratch it?

It does scratch it, however the scratches are usually very shallow and in some cases not feelable at all

It scratches it up quite a bit but you won’t get any massive dings from walking it over concrete.


You don’t have to do it, but if you have in your mind ^ I could make sparks, a light show at night ^

Ahhhhhh, CAN’T RESIST Walk the dog haaaaaa much better.

It’s fun to spark the Ricochet. If you don’t really plan on sparking it, there are plenty of better throws for quite a bit cheaper.


I just want to buy a sparked ricochet:) I bet in a month or so there will be some on the bst under $150

I don’t think Ricochets are quite rare enough to hold such a high re-sell value, especially once they’ve been sparked but only time will tell I guess.


Yea I’m waiting for the hype to die down so I can snatch one up on the BST for under $150