help with the end of kwijbo plz

I can get to the part after you roll over out of the buddas revenge i just can’t seem to land in a double or nothing

All i can really say is try stopping, take it really slow and when you get into the buddhas revenge part bounce it STRAIGHT up and focus on where the string is. From there try to catch it.

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Make sure that your non-throwhand pointer finger is going into the string farthest from you. Once you have this down, it just takes practice in getting it to land on the string and you will end up in a double or nothing.

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I struggled with Kwyjibo because I found out I was doing that part about landing in a double or nothing wrong. When popping and uncrossing your hands, you have to put stick your non throw hand pointer inside the loop on your left, and then land on the string farthest away from you. Watch how others do it, and keep trying, you’ll get it.

I found that learning black hops helped me with that part.

alright thank you i just got it about 30 minutes ago ty for the help :slight_smile: