Help with ninja vanish!

I’ve only been throwing for about a month or so, i can ninja vanish just fine, but recently when i have been dismounting from the green triangle into trapeze, just the hop from triangle to trapeze my yoyo shoots into my hand like i did some sort of bind… the yoyo will be in the air touching nothing and all the sudden it grabs and shoots into my hand. I never had this problem before in the history of learning ninja vanish… as soon as i attempt a dismount from the triangle my yoyo grabs and shoots up most of the time just jamming into my fingers… I read somewhere that my yoyo being too responsive could be due to the fact that I need to lube my bearing, currently I am throwing a YYF supernova so I should be completely unresponsive. Is this the answer? Thanks!

I would say the problem is either your bearing or the pads. Probably not the pads since you have been doing it for about a month now (I’m assuming with the Supernova) So it’s probably the bearing. Just clean it out in some mineral spirits or whatever you prefer, let it dry out, and all should be well again. Also lubing your bearing almost never makes it more unresponsive. That would just exacerbate things.

Hope this helps!

i had this problem too. are you throwing fowards or a breakaway?

Lubing the bearing does not make it less responsive. It makes it more responsive until it is broken in. Having said that, your bearing may be dirty. It may need cleaning. Sometimes you can take the shields off and just blow the dirt out with a can of compressed air. The bearing may also just need cleaned. Another thing, you may want to check the bearing seat to see if it is clean. Sometimes bearing seats get dirty and can cause the yo to be responsive.

Whats the condition of your string? If it is knotted or fuzzy it might be engaging the response system.

I’d also check the response and see if there are any irregularities such as touching the bearing or other signs of wear.

Just a few thoughts.

I have the same problem SOMETIMES.

I find if I don’t throw the yoyo level, I have this problem when I try to unmount, the yoyo rubs too much on the response system and it catches and starts shooting back. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I get lucky and my finger just gets caught in the loop.

I also find string tension plays a factor as well, as this happens more often when I’ve been throwing for a bit and don’t check my string tension. It just wants to bunch up when the weight comes off the string.

In my case, it’s a combination of both. Sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both, and sometimes a really horrible attempt to dismount. I don’t know why this one gives me such a hard time getting out of as I can do the green triangles two other ways and they don’t give me any grief! Oh well, that’s why it makes it more enjoyable to practice.

So, check your throw, check your string tension and check your technique. You can always straighten the yoyo while in the green triangle after you’ve gotten into the Ninja Vanish.

I like this trick. I found once I stopped focusing on the yoyo going into the loop and instead focus on making the loop properly, it would end up happening on its own 9 out of 10 times for me. Looks cool, loads of fun, and definitely worth the effort.