help with my 888?

i got my 888 (2010) about a month ago and i play with it about 2 hours a day but… im having to double bind (which i hate doing for some odd reason) and that only works about half the time. >:( and also it is isnt sleeping even when broken in with thin lube, while people out of the box can sleep for about 8 minutes, im stuck on 3… and yes i have straight and strong throws… i have accomplished a 9 minute sleeper with my stock DM… help?

you dont really need more than a 1 minute sleeptime… either your binds are not up to snuff, or you need to replace your response.

sleep time doesn’t matter as long as you can pull off your combo, unless you’re going for the world record.
And yeah, either work on binds, or get new response.

i’ve been binding for about a year and a half now… would you reccomend those pro friction sticks they have on this site?

I’d just use flowable silicone personally. but yeah, any pads that’ll fit will work. don’t really see the point in spending extra for their pro pads. just go to a 99 cent store or dollar store and pick up some rtv silicone.
it’ll look like

yeah, i forgot about flowable silli but… but what is the best konkave bearing for some really long combos and tricks? because m throw wont let me throw black hops :frowning:

In your binds make sure you are pulling a large enough loop that it will bind. My 888 was having the same problem. I use a Center Trac bearing. Try cleaning the bearing with lighter fluid or what not. And also do replace your response pads. The stock ones will go out pretty fast if your play with it A LOT!

i have the exact opposite problem with mine. My 888(also 2010)is way to responsive and will shoot back to my hand and i have the scars to prove it. :’(

I think it rips my rear to hear people say that “you don’t need more than one minute of spin”…
I think if his yoyo isn’t working up to his expectations then he should get some informative help from us. Not telling him to go back and throw better. I mean if he can get a 9 min on a DM then his 888 is a piece of garbage. That 888 should work way better than what it is.

I think a few have said response. I think that is where your problem lies. Either that or your bearing is not working properly.

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I’ve been recently re-timing my sleepers, but it’s because I’m regaining some feeling and strength in my right arm(got a pinched nerve earlier in the year and it’s finally working itself out). I’m using this timing as a measure of improvement of skill and strength in my arm, at least when I give it a good throw. However, when I do tricks, I don’t tend to last too long as I’m obviously rubbing strings on the response and doing other things not quite right and slowing my yoyo down.

I feel if you have enough spin to return your yoyo with a bind at the end of your trick and/or combo, that’s all you need. Lots of people do this with their yoyos, so if you can’t, then you either need to work on your throw, refine stuff, throw harder and check to make sure parts are working right. Any weak link causes the whole chain to break down, some worse than others.

I for one know that my problems start at the throw. See how your throw is, and are you throwing straight enough consistently? I’m throwing some nasty titled throws a lot these days. Not sure why, so I just need to practice more.

I bought the locktight brand blue rtv silicone. It sticks to the yoyo (outside the response) and takes 20 min to get off. Am I doing something wrong?

Well if you let it dry, it will be easier to get off. Rather than wiping. Dry silicone doesn’t have the water molecules to stick to the yoyo.

20 min is normal to clean up. Or you could go a bit more messier, just wiping and wiping the excess silicone right after you’re done.

Okay. Thanks.

There is no such thing as a bearing that sleeps too long…