Help with grinds


What throw would you recommend for finger grinds? That is $50 or under?
By the way what is the best string for slack tricks? Thank you.

(velez_adrian) #2

Shutter is the only yoyo under 50 that is good for grinding if you get the blast coated ones. Kitty string fat or extra large is good for slack


Werrd Minute is the best grinding yoyo I’ve ever played. Period. $50 on the nose.


What kind of grinds? IRG, fingerspins, or arm grinds?


Luckily the Werrd Minute does all of these (the fingerspins either at a noticeable angle or as matador fingerspins). Part of the reason it’s the “best”. The other part of it is that although it SEEMS like regular blast+ano, there’s some black magic going on that makes the surface slicker than any other blast+ano yoyo I own.