Anything good for both finger spins and thumb/IRG?


Hi all. Just got back into yoyoing after a couple years and need some help. I’ve always liked doing grind tricks and have just recently learned how to consistently do horizontal finger spins on my C3 M.O.V.E. The problem I’m having is that although finger spins are fairly easy to do on this yoyo, it’s not the best for inner ring and thumb grinds. the inner ring is a little too shallow for my big thumbs. I’ve always liked my main throws to be versatile but it seems that these type of grind tricks are not as popular as they were 10 years ago. It’d be awesome to have a throw that can do both really well. I’ve been looking at the Recess Vacation, The Jacknife, and the Curvy Donut Man (i believe the inner ring may be too shallow on this one). Any other suggestions?



I’ve found that so long as there aren’t any large protrusions in the hub that finger spins are fine. Similarly, so long as the cup of the yoyo leaves a bit of room IRGs are possible with most yoyos as well, though you may have to throw the yoyo at an angle to achieve them on yoyos with shallow/no IGR.

I haven’t played any of those yoyos but from looking on the images on YYE, they all look fine for both finger spins and IRGs. I wouldn’t make these the defining reason you choose a yoyo though since, as I said, most yoyos are fine for both types of grind.


I have a move and a curvy donut man. In comparison, the cdm is no better (in my opinion) at thumb grinds. It’s actually probably a little bit harder. A couple other yoyos that are okay at them (again, about the same level as the move) are the space cadet, gambit, and Elysian. The only one in my collection I can honestly say is good at thumb grinds is the dv888. Personally, I would just buy a yoyo and try to get used to how to do thumb grinds on it. It may take a bit of time to perfect the technique but it will be worth it if you like thumb grinds.


The Horizon is great at fingerspins and irgs. And it’s the least expensive option so far. As long as you don’t mind the larger diameter. I got a two minute fingerspin on mine, so its good at everything you want. Happy throwing!


In my opinion it’s okay at thumb grinds and the such. I wouldn’t call it great. I would personally say it’s abilities are comparable to the move.