Help with gaberus

I need help with the move of the gaberus trick on the slusny tutorial. It is fairly simple but that move that is done to get into a green triangle, I can’t figure it out.

Could you give us a link?

I’ll have to mess around with it for a bit

man, im pretty advanced and it looks like a pretty easy trick, from the one angle you can see really well and i have slowed it down and watched several times and cant recreate it

didnt u miss the pinch ?

i pinch the string like he does and get the slack to swing around to the gap but getting the GT isnt working right

Look up the trick slack triangle under the Tutorials on YYE.
Andre gives an in depth :slight_smile:


I can’t do this either. Same move. Except that I can’t get a nice loop to flip around. What’s the mechanism required for flipping the loop around? I’m pinching the string, but there are still 3 (or at least that’s how I see it) ways I could theoretically try to get the loop to go around…

  1. It’s all in the NTH and “flipping” the pinched loop with enough smoothness and force to get it to go around

  2. There’s some flipping, but it’s more about giving the string a tug with the TH to accelerate it (but then how do you keep the loop big enough?)

  3. You “throw” the loop with the TH and then continue its momentum with the flip.

Is it any of these? All of these?

Enquiring Gregs want to know.


Got it within 10 attempts. I had no problem of flipping the slack over from the first time, and the only problem I was met was the other string segment on the top going into the yoyo gap and blocking the slack…although I did learn paprika and takeshi crosswhip before this tho both of which required some sort of flipping.
The throw and flip likely only provides the direction, and the tug supplies the majority of power.

edit: you dodge the top string by pulling your TH backward a bit.

I started getting a nice loop… it’s mostly about the flipping the way I’m doing it, and you’ve confirmed that suspicion. As it turns out, during the pinch I was kind of getting some fingers in the way that were not supposed to be in the way.

I could swear the guy in the video is moving his throwhand forward rather than backward, like in a Brent Stole. Hmmmm…

Neat little trick, just wish I could get it on my 10th attempt. Surely I’m up to the 30th or more by now. :wink:

Another thing is to look at how the guy in the vid hold the string back with the rest of his fingers in his TH right after the trapeze and brother. That helps with aiding to get the string out of the way when the loop swings over for the gt.

Am I going crazy? Isn’t he pushing his TH forward rather than back? Or do you mean even before that, when the segment is down through his palm and held in place by the little finger rather than just coming right off the middle finger towards the NTH?

Yeah, before that. Just keep a close eye on his TH and you’ll see how he holds the string down and out of the way in his palm with the pinky finger.

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Related: Alex Gallimore brought it to my attention that Paul Han GT has related elements… and I landed that one tonight! Another fun GT.


Nice! This looks like a real cool one to learn also. I’m gonna start practicing this one right now in fact!

Be aware (confirmed with both Alex and Alexis JV) the resulting GT has an extra “twist” where the string crosses over. Just wanted to save you wondering if you’ve done something wrong. :wink:

Oh cool man, thanks for the heads up. That would’ve sacked if I was stuck there the king I was doing something wrong and was just getting it right the whole time… Lol, that would be funny