Help with "Double or Nothing"

Can anyone give me some help with my double or nothing; I seem to be having trouble landing it on the outside string. I can land it almost every time but I often land it on multiple strings. I am trying to learn the matrix and this is making it difficult.

I would appreciate any constructive advice.



Space out the string wraps around your fingers more.

So the first wrap should be closest to the web of your fingers and then proceed outward to your finger tips on the second time around?

Exactly, but not so far out that the string touches your fingernails.
The most important thing, though is practice, practice, practice!

sometimes i use my thumb to take the first wrap away, towards myself

Just figured it out guys, now I just need to practice it about 700 more times. Thanks so much for the help.

Yeah, don’t worry. You’ll get that trick down soon enough.