Help with cold fusion, whips and snap starting?


Cold Fusion: I’ve got the first part of cold fusion down fine, but once I get to the point where you go from the 1.5 mount to the white Buddha, I think I’m doing that part correctly, but when I swing it back from white buddha to the 1.5, my yo-yo goes from having a good amount of speed, to practically stopping dead before I can even get a second wrap in. But I have no idea what’s causing that to happen.

Whips: Whether it’s plastic whip, wrist whip, or whatever, I feel like I’m not getting the slack to go around correctly, because the loop goes into the gap, but it goes into the gap in a way that the throwhand string gets caught in the middle of the loop, if that makes sense.

Snap Starting: I really have no idea how to do this, it seems so simple but it’s giving me so much trouble. I can snap my fingers just fine, but when I try to snap start the yo-yo, rather than it spinning like in the video, it just ends up flipping and spinning out of control.

THanks again.


I don’t know about the other two, but I have the same problem with snap starting. Try snapping with both hand at the same time. That’s what I always do, and it works :slight_smile:


If you keep at snap starting, you get it down really well. After about of week I got it pretty consistent. After another week, I have it really well now. It is probably not what you want to hear but: Practice, practice, practice.


1 I’ve found this to be true with almost any other yoyo u try it with. So u just need to find a good sleeping yoyo. And when u get better and more fluid with the trick u will do it faster and the yoyo won’t slow down so much

2 string tension is key. Make sure u have no string tension and besides that practice!

3 just keep practicing! You will eventually get a fell for it


Snap starting… man, that gave me some trouble at first.

Instead of worrying so much about it being like a real “snap”, just concentrate on it being a fast rotation. Rotate the yoyo “back” more than you need to and then do a really quick turn like turning a doorknob except sideways.

At first, you need decent rotation to get a bind. But practice will give you a feel for it.

When you don’t have much rotation, you need an ENORMOUS loop. Don’t try to do a normal bind. Get that sucker in there so that it’s mostly loop and hardly any string from your throwhand to the yoyo at all. Keep holding onto the loop as you pull the throwhand back at a medium pace, feeding the loop into the gap. Pull up a bit more abruptly as the rest of the loop is going into the gap to hop it into the air a bit, and then bring your throwhand towards the yoyo to complete the bind and catch the yoyo.

With practice and getting a feel for it, you’ll be able to bind with almost no spin, so the power of your snap will be less important. :wink: Then by the time the spin power comes along, you’ll be a snap-starting genius.


Don’t squeeze the yoyo when snap starting. There’s no buildup of potential energy caused by squeezing. That’s what I thought at first. Also, cold fusion has two parts to it. You can practice each part independently.


Listen to this man! When snapping your fingers to make a noise, you need to squeeze so that when the finger comes off your thumb, it “slaps” the pad of your thumb.

But you don’t need that kind of action for snap-starting a yoyo. Oh sure, some people still do a proper snap (show-offs, the lot of you!) and I’ve heard people in tutorials saying to do that, but I almost never literally snap as part of my “snap start”.