Help with choosing cheapish yo-yo

Alright, so I have a YYF Stackless Grind Machine already and I’m thinking about getting a YYJ Dark Magic II. Are there any other throws I should consider? And what type of string do you buy?

check out all the metal rimmed yoyojams. my favorite is the cerberus.

i use white 100% polyester.

How does it throw?

And what brand is your string? The GM only came with one string and I don’t want this one to break and me be stuck with no throw until my others arrive.

the cerberus is quite oversized, so it’s not for everyone.

i just get the expert string. markmont dragon string is nice as well, but more expensive.

Alright thanks bro. I really appreciate the help.

MarkMont string lasts a long time though. Some people wear out a 100% poly string in about an hour, while they get about 6 weeks of heavy play on a Dragon string. I have yet to wear one out, been using them for 2 months on all my throws. Given, I don’t use each heavily everyday, but it’s like buying disposable razors or buying a razor that lasts years. The payoff is long term.

So I should get MarkMont over the YYE 100% polyester?

Like I said. It will last a lot longer, although since your starting out, maybe 100% poly might be a better choice. Leave the MarkMont for when you get a little more advanced. Soon you will reach a level of play that you can tell the difference of string, that’s when I think people are ready to change around strings and fully take advantage of “boutique” string.

Okay. Thanks for the help. I need to find my next throw, now.

Define cheap-ish. I’m not opposed to inexpensive plastic yoyos, the PSG and Asteroid are great. The Kickside, Speed Maker, Lyn Fury are also great. The stackless grind machine, man, that’s like a 5A throw with grinding in mind in my opinion, as well as being a super nice 1A throw. The Starbrite is worth checking out as well.

stepping up, there’s the Legacy II and Chaser, Dienasty and Starlight, all under $30.

Step up again and you’re at the Protostar and Northstar.

Jump again and some low cost metals become more practical, as well as many YYJ metal/plastics including the DM2(which is a favorite of mine).

As far as strings are concerned, I have plenty of YYE 100% poly. It gets the job done for me.

Cheapish is anything below 50 for me. And I love my YYF SGM, but I’m just looking to expand my collection.

And thanks for the help.

The DM II is great, and the yyj Inspire should be out soon. You can also look on the buy /sell /trade forum to buy good throws for a lot less.

You might want to check out the c3yo Capless, which is an excellent deal for 65.
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Try a dv888

I looked at some of those but the thing with the dv888 is that I heard it had stability issues.

I had stability issues with it, but as my throw improved, so did my enjoyment of the dv888. It’s actually not that bad. The biggest issue for me was switching to an undersized yoyo. It’s fine, no issues, no worries.

I had no trouble with mine, just buy extra pads or silicone you’ll never know when you’ll need it! Also check out this thread for stability problems:,45657.0.html
Look at YYJ, YYF, C3 they all have excellent yoyos around your pricing! I personally use slim kitty string, bought in bulk of course.