Help with choosing a yoyo

I don’t really have a budget but i have a few ideas of which yoyo i want. The choices are Boss 888 DV88 DNA Genesis.

  1. What size do you prefer? larger ones like the DM
  2. What response do you prefer? Hybrid
  3. Do you like to mod/maintain it? nope
  4. What weight is ideal to you? 60-70 Grams
  5. Does color matter? any
  6. What style will you be throwing (1A, 5A, 4A)? 1A
  7. What is your price range? none
  8. What is your skill level? Advanced

Well, unfortunately, not many yoyos except for the Dark Magic use Hybrid Response and are full sized. If you’re willing to branch out from there into other sorts of response, I recommend a Peak, VK, Superstar, Bully, or New Breed.

Hmmm… If yyou want a bigger yoyo then go with the Genesis or the DNA… Then break it down by shape… You got the H-shape with the Genesis and the round shape of the DNA

Respone doesnt bother me to much long as you get snappy tight binds. I have never tried a H shape yoyo and im currently throwing the DM

Silicone binds super tight and snappy… Most times… But Maybe you should go with the DNA… Its rounded and full sized… If you want to try silicone get the Die-Nasty… Its a little light I feel, but it plays super smooth, unresponsive, great binds, and its 17 bucks…

The Peak is very similar to an all-metal DM. I highly recommend it.