help with a new throw

Looking for a new (metal)throw preferably $100 or under (willing to go a little bit more) thats suited for fast bouncy horizontal play and good paint job for grinds any suggestions?? ??? (Is this yoyo in CLYW?)
thnx :wink:

Phenomzim or Phenom, but it’s either bi-metal or too expensive.

The SFX works too, but again, not metal.

Gnarwhal, Sasquatch, Avalanche fit your preferences
little bit more than 100$
angular shape (good for horizontals)
But most of them are out of stock
Also I recommend OneDrop Code1, YYJ Phenom, 85$ YYF metals (Catalyst, Genesis, Super G, Supernova Lite, Rockstar 2012), maybe YYJ Meteor (I don’t know how it grinds)

so how about the wooly marmot? what about the sleep time?

if you want it painted grinds wont work. if you have it annoed, grinds are great. what are your prefferences. we cant help you when you are so vauge

isn’t the wooly marmot already annodized? and palm and arm grinds…

yes it is.

I think you already know what you want Wooly Marmot