Help! What am I doing wrong?!?

(Christopher Dougherty) #1

(Victorian YoYos) #2

When you get into the split bottom mount, you should try not dropping the string. And when you pull the string to the side, try having your hand directly to the side next to the yo-yo.

(InvaderDust) #3

take the string off your finger while you learn other ways to wind it back up. Every time your hand goes around the yoyo to wind the string back up, your adding a twist into the string. What you showing herein the vid is called “string tension” and its fixed a number of ways. You add a half twist everytime you throw/catch it, but winding it up that way adds a ton of twists into the string. It needs to relax. Take it off your finger and let it unwind while the loop dangles. Then wind it back up, then put the string back on.
Also youtube how to wind the yoyo back up.

asfar as the trick to unwind it without taking it off, try to experiment with diffenrt positions (closer/farther, Higher lower) and give it a little bounce (towards the strign you are pulling) ALso some yoyos do not like this and always fights it.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #4

For this string adjustment trick, the amount of “tug” between the string and the yoyo is very important. The part going from your NTH to the yoyo should be very slight, or else it’ll tilt the yoyo over instead of getting picked up by the rim friction and adjusting the tension.


Let the string drop down and go neutral before winding. That’s where I’m at right now with that problem…

(Tyler) #6

Looks like you’re pulling the back string? Should be pulling the one in the middle if you’re not already

(Victorian YoYos) #7

Did you get this to work?

(Christopher Dougherty) #8

Yeah… slowly but surely I am getting better


This video is gone too…

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