HELP!!! String Eating!!! (Samad...)

I just got my Hatrick yesterday, and within a few hours of play, the beast began to eat my string like a starving child! Any tips on how to prevent this?

thx guys!

I think you rub it with denim where the blasting is eating the string.

Right, that’s the best way I’ve tried. Ultimately, it’ll wear down after enough play. Just watch your string and don’t throw wicked hard. :wink:

~yo! shi!

Just making sure: are you sure you aren’t getting the string between the bearing and the axle? Also, feel around the inside for some rough or pointy areas.

No, its not under the bearing…
Ernie said to rub the not blasted part w/ scotch brite, but that didnt help too much… I guess it will jst need to be broken it.
Thanks for the suggestions!

Never heard of hatrick string eating. Just get a sponge or jeans and rub on the area around the bearing. Can you feel any sharp parts?

-Hope that helped, James Reed!

Yep, ive used denim and the rough side of a sponge, and I think it is going away. Thanks guys!