ooch smoov's breaking strings

i got this stupid yoyo yesterday. it broke 4 strings in 2 hours. i tried to sand down the inner ring with a piece of denim. didnt work! i like the way this yoyo performs but it is a string monster!!! i really don’t know what to do any more. im thinking about sending it back to yomega but if somebody can help me fix it i guess that wont be necessary. so please i need help ASAP

I feel like I’m a the lucky one because I have yet to have this happen to me w/ my Ooch. I’ve heard of people rubbing down the Kerrari w/ a sock to help (not sure how it helps but I guess it does). I wouldn’t send it back, I’m sure in time it will be kinder to your strings.

Green side of the sponge is supposed to work. At least it has worked on other yoyos with the same problem. You can try using a sock too if you don’t have a sponge with a “green” side.

i don’t know minusmike they are not breaking where it hits the metal part, its breaking around the bearing. im not even throwing that hard. i dont know what is happening. im using slick 8 too. they are the thickest strings i have and are still breaking!

Take the yoyo and unscrew it then take the yoyo apart and rub it down everywhere with a clean sock then lube your bearing this should fix your problem

What kind of string are you using?

it’s because the beadblast is rough and the bearing area wasn’t shielded. You need to smooth out the blast with something like a sponge

And by sponge, I think he and the poster above mean the rough side of a scrubber sponge.

i tried poly’s, cottons and slick 8 strings. it broke them all within like 10 minutes :frowning:

dude try what all the people above said. use a sponge, a sock or something like jeans, to rub against the surface near the bearing seat

Better than that, just PM me a price and I’ll take that nasty little monster off your hands, as long as it isn’t too torn up.