help!!! please :D 888x stratches

hey guys i got an 888x and i hit it on my friend’s watch :smiley: lol it really bad stratch :frowning: (that is the sadding part) i bought a car strech repair pen it isnt any effect what should i do? (SORRY FOR BAD ENGLÝSH)

Get a electric drill and put the yoyos axle into it.Then take 200+ sandpaper and sand down the yoyo while the drill is on so you dont have to take very long. Then once the scratch is sandedover(recommended that for example you scratched one rim then saned the other rim too).Then do that to both sides and get some Mothers brand aluminum polish and a dirty rag. Dip your finger in the polish (put the rag over your finger). And then turn on the drill with thee yoyo on it and put polish all over the sanded part.Then the polish will turn black and turn off the drill and rub off the polish with a clean part of the rag. And do the same thing that you did with the aluminum polish with some diamond compound.

Or… just leave the scratch there because dings and scratches really aren’t that big of a deal.