help page

So, i was thinking, and there already is looking for help/recommendation, but there should be a page where you post things to help others. What do you guys think?

Not really needed. There’s enough categories to cover most any request.
(My personal opinion)

My experience is that a great number of people like a more personal response and don’t even care to look and see if the answer to their question is already available. In fairness, many find this to be one of their first forums. Ask a question, get an answer, get to know people. It’s kind of cool!

We already have a help section for just about everything and it’s already categorized.

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It’s hard to help people when you don’t have a topic to address the help.

If an area were to be formed, it would initially be kind of chaotic, but then would sort of self-correct itself after a short time and then be somewhat stable. But, there’s really no need for it. People ask a question, they get help in the form of a response. I think the system in place is fine.