Help Our Kickstarter Come to Life! The HyperComb!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the future of personal grooming. The HyperComb Kickstarter is now live, click the photo below to become apart of the project. Please feel free to share this with your friends, family and social network.

We greatly appreciate your support!!:heart::heart::heart:


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Any sort of actual description on Why someone might feel the need for a $60 comb?

A product description in words other than the obvious visual comb observation?


Fun times at the airport


You know how when you buy a bunch of yo-yo strings in bulk and they sometimes get all tangled up with each other?
Yeah…THAT’S why we need a $60 comb for sure!




I don’t follow how one can attach the razer part without soon after killing themselves with it by accident. Isn’t the blade precisely where you’d press your thumb down for the bottle opener?


I’ll try to make a positive statement so I hope it works out!

I definitely think you should do some work on the marketing side. It needs more photos and a description of features. Explain what makes it worth the $60 price tag. Because without knowing anymore than we see on the Kickstarter page, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy this.


First off let me congratulate you on trying to get this kick starter campaign going.

I do not think that a yo-yo forum is the place to market such a nice EDC comb as this one. I think it would be better off advertising the kick starter campaign in shaving forums knife forums and places like that. I’m currently going back to school to become a barber and I love the idea. There are guys that spend over $100 on good combs for their beards the other thing that I would do is contact manufacturers of beard products such as grim blades, Stiffy’s beard products, ect or West coast shaving.

But make sure you have that patented before you do


Kudos to having something made! Wasn’t it cool holding it for the first time?

I think anyone interested in high end EDC stuff (i.e. pens, knives, etc.) would be interested in this. These same people were spending hundreds on dollars on titanium fidget spinners a few years ago. I don’t think it’s necessary to convince people… if you’re not in the market for something higher end like this I don’t think much can be done to convince you. Same thing with yoyos, no one who isn’t already interested in yoyos would drop $60 on a yoyo.

Good luck!


@mrciurleo with the very sound logic. I agree with your statement.


idk why 60 dollars for a comb is being questioned here when theres people here spend hundreds of dollars on a yoyo (myself included)


Why are you trying to advertise this on a small community-based yoyo forum? You should do this in Reddit or a MUCH larger forum besides this.


It’s in the unrelated section dude.


@yoyodoc Why does anyone need anything other than clean air, fresh water, food, shelter and sleep?:grin:I know most of us are spending extra $$ on random things. I know I spend $100+ on yoyos that are machined in the United States. That’s one of the reasons I think it’s worth it to spend the money.

Everything we do is made with attention to detail at our machine shop in Washington state. The HyperComb is milled out of grade 5 Titanium and has a few more functions making it more than just a $60 comb. It has a bottle opener threaded mounting holes for future accessories, a 4mm and 6mm hex socket so you can use it as a pocket tool. We also made it so the tines and spaces on the mustache side can be used as 1/16” measuring increments or 1/10” increments on the main side.

This is geared towards people who want to add something new and unique to their everyday life. From what we have experienced in the EDC community $60 is on the low end of what people tend to pay for extra pieces that add character.:man_shrugging:

@KesmEyeball In regards to the razor/ bottle opener, it’s actually really easy to open a bottle even with the razor inserted. You just push down on the handle and there is enough leverage to pop the top. If you are worried about cutting yourself, you can also open your beverage before slipping in the razor.

@Saber Thanks for the recommendations and positive remarks from someone in the barber industry. @mrciurleo @vegabomb @Dino_Trucks Thank you, and thank for understanding where we are coming from!

@Evan_the_yoyo_boy We are posting it on Reddit as well as various other forums (edc, blade, beard, men’s grooming, etc). I’ve just been apart of the yoyo community for many years and figured I would post it up on here in case someone else was interested.

It may not be for everyone, but however you feel, thanks for checking it out and taking the time to write something!


Uh… don’t look now; but why didn’t you say that in the first place?

I didn’t say a single thing about your comb not being worth $60.

You need to pay attention to the inquiry.

I asked for a description of the product; which you now gave. And that is fine…

I just wondered why the products’ specs and such; were not already provided?

I wasn’t implying people ‘need’ justification to buy anything.

The rational that people will pay a lot for yo-yos; so what’s wrong with a $60 comb? That is an invalid logic.

If you would have given a product description in the first place; I would have never asked the question🤔

Some people won’t even click on a link for additional information. A simple intro spec paragraph would have been excellent.

$60 is peanuts to me. But considering I can comb my hair with a sponge; I would just like some enticing up front information that may inspire my participation; is all…

Good luck. The comb looks Great.


How much rim weight does it have?


Doc, you really say some of the funniest things I read on this forum. :rofl:


Seriously??? That’s nuts.
Guess I don’t get around much. :upside_down_face:


How do you use the moustache side without slapping your nose around?


Just tilt the comb at a slight angle to fit under your nose. It has worked well with all our testers.