Help on onedropyoyo's forum? Can't register.

I have been recently trying to register for the onedrop yoyo’s forum, but where it says there is a conformation code, it doesn’t appear. If someone could help me, that would be great. Thx!


Ok, so… Not a good idea to mention other forums on this forum… It’s disrespectful.

I think that was quite uneccessary. The Onedrop forum is a specific forum for onedrop, it’s not like people go there instead of yye. Furthermore, I have heard the yoyonation forum mentioned several times recently.

OP, that’s funny, there is no picture for me either…

Ok, I found that clicking the mobile version in the forums index and THEN registering gives you a question instead of a code. Try that.

The same thing happens for me Shen703. We are requested to enter a “confirmation code”. Then it says; “The code is displayed in the image you should see below.” Maybe we should, but we don’t. There is no “image” displayed for me either.

(I kinda side with andy569 tho, it feels a bit peculiar advising here how to register for a different yo-yo forum elsewhere. Feels kind of like I’ve got my left shoe on my right foot. It’s still my shoe and my own foot, but it just doesn’t fit quite right.)

Maybe the troubles is a sign that you should stay on YYE.

Just to clear it up from my knowledge talking about other forums is fine. Just not other stores… One Drop does not have a store front nor does YYN anymore. Kind of the reason people tend to talk about them pretty freely.

I have linked many a post to a thread on the One Drop forum regarding info.

Maybe a mod may shed better more informed light on the matter but as far as I know there is no problem talking about other forums AS LONG as they are not part of a store…

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Make sure you read the registration questions cardfully it took me a few tries but I ended up getting registered no problem.

Also check your junk or spam folder for the email.


This is correct.

Yeah registration is broken right now … we are working on fixing it.