help on my first purchase from yoyoexpert

hey guys, i am about to have my first purchase from yoyoexpert, and im going to buy unleashed and yomega the raider ex
And i was wondering what kind of string i should get for theses yoyos? And what kind of string i should get for supernova?

Also i want to buy a bearing for supernova but i am confused between konkave bearing and twisted trifecta bearing which are great for string tricks and make the string dead at centre?

best regardas

Your best bet with the Unleashed, Raider, and other looping yoyos is to go with 50/50 cotton-polyester blend. As for the Supernova, it’s entirely up to you. Most people prefer regular polyester strings.

The Supernova plays just fine with the regular flat bearing that it comes with it but if you have to have a string centering bearing, the Twisted Trifecta is, in my opinion, better than the Konkave. That said, I prefer Centre Tracs to both.


I like the Unleashed. Get 2 of those. It’s a bit more money, but we’re only talking a few dollars. Of course, I don’t know what the economic situation is in your country. But, you’re already taking a large amount on the shipping so I figure it’s not going to be a big deal.

As far as bearings are concerned, as you know, any C-sized bearing will work on the Supernova. There’s a lot of choices, from flat, to raised edges, to concave(the Dif-E-Yo KK), to grooved bearings, wing cuts, hybrids(the Twisted Trifecta), and ceramics in most of those variants(all but the Trifecta for the time being). In your case, it may be too much money to buy one of each to experiment with.

Here’s some run-down:
With flats, the string naturally moves back and forth based on string layers and where they land. Only a perfect throw will ensure a centered bearing. Well not completely true but it’s more or less true. Good throws will place the string away from the edges.
With the CenterTrac bearings, the string is forced into the middle region of the bearing, which is mostly flat with flared edges. Those flared edges are what keep the string away from the edges. This gives you less area for the string to move to, but if you’re throwing that many layers into the bearing gap, no matter what beaing you use, you might have problems!
With the KK, the bearing is forced to the center by the shape. It can lead to string bunching when you have heavy layers, but it usually isn’t a massive problem. Again, like with the KK, when you’re loading that many layers in the gap, there’s always the possibility of problems.
With a grooved bearing, the string is held dead center by it sitting in the groove. The string stays right there, so you can get bunching when you’re loading in the string layers heavy.
The Twisted Strings Trifecta combines the centering of the KK with the force centering of the Crucial Grooved, plus the 10-ball smoothness of the One Drop 10 Ball. It’s an amazing bearing. It has the same potential issues as the Crucial Grooved bearing.
The Terrapin X Wing Cut has a slight concave shaping that lets the string seek center but lets the string move based on string layers. It’s the shaped bearing for those who like flats.

I have some of each. What’s interesting is that sometimes bearings don’t work out. Take this example. With my Speeder 2, I popped in a KK and I absolutely love it. I put a KK in my Chaser and I didn’t care for it. After trying a CenterTrac and a Crucial Grooved, I ended up going back to the flat bearing it came with. I didn’t have a Trifecta then. Another example, I put a KK in my Meteor, and like with the Speeder, this was a good match for me.

No matter what, when you’re loading lots of string layers into the gap, no bearing can avoid problems, only clean technique and clean play and knowing “how many layers are too much” are the best way to deal with these issues. However, also keep in mind that your throw is super important to everything. A centered string on a bad throw is a centered string on a bad throw. My throw is a still a tiny bit off. It’s getting better every day.

YYF seems to have a reputation of using Centertrac bearings a lot. That might be a good way to go. If you’re going for “dead center”, well, I think the Twisted Trifecta might be a good way to go, as it combines 3 bearings into 1 bearing, but at a cost that is very affordable.