help on everday yoyo

What is a good everyday plastic yoyo with good spin times to bring around wherever u go? Something that u can do combos with

Diffusion 2 or Crazy D are my favorites. Onedrop Rally is nice too along with the plastics yoyoempire makes but those are not available at yoyoexpert.

Diffusion 2 is where it’s at. You could also wait for the Yeti, it’s coming “soon”. :smiley:

Rally or Regen for high-end
Classic or Protostar for lower-end but still good

I like my One Star. It may not spin as long as the more expensive plastic yo-yos but it spins long enough for the tricks that I normally do.


I’ve been through a few OneStars (Only because I beat 'em up) and still fall back on them as an everyday carry. They will spin like crazy if you throw them like you mean it. They are quick on the string and still work well for a more smooth style.

My DMII never let me down. FHZ is fun if you like responsive.