help... new 1A yoyo is need

I want to buy a new yoyo that is diffrent from the 888X and the dingo.
I will appreciate your recommendation (and explain why the yoyo is good).


Well, it would help if you posted your preferences, not just different from 888x and dingo, there are a lot of those. However, i recommend a one drop yfactor, its smooth fast and reliable.

Dv888, Smooth, stable, pretty cheap (for a metal) and undersized if you like that…pretty different from what I’ve played

@mista8eight8 the problem is that i dont have any preferences
the yfactor its really similler to the 888x (i think).
and the dv888 is undersized an i don’t want undersized yoyo because its like the 888x.
I thought about the 2010 severe what do u have to say about it?

something different… genesis, just look at the shape and size :slight_smile:

id say Superstar

Yeah, go with the 2010 Severe. It is light, kind of big, smooth, stable, and just has a great feel! I recommend it, and I really think that you will love it. :wink:

but if you want a plastic then a protostar :smiley: