Help name my trick

i know its doo doo that i don’t have a video to show the trick…but just vote and help me decide a name,PLease and TY ;D ;D ;D

plz explain this trick

How about Grinch’s revenge?

haha i was waiting for it XD, sorry no camera, lets try to verbalize this X_X…wrist mount,first step to spirit bomb, pop off bottom string, kinda 3d roll behind the mount,swing under the bottom string into the front triangle and land it,roll/cross arms to the right,popit up and out(looks like a twisted bowtie) swing whole string config to the left(if your left handed to the right) and then swing one more time and the rest of the mount slides off wrist. the bind and return…XD there ya go…

ive got a trick thats got Grinch in the name already, and one called stealing Xmas, one day ill get a camera…i promise XD

I didn’t understand a word of that other than “haha I was waiting for it XD, sorry no camer, let’s try to verbalize this X_X” and “the bind and return” :smiley:

i know…XD i tried XD