I have the unresponsive bearing inside!

Please help!

Thank you!


clean the bearing, or just play with it more. It’s probably just breaking in.
look at the bearing and make sure nothing’s inside it.

if you just got it then it just needs to be brocken in but if you have had it a while then its time for a good cleaning.
heres how…

  1. deshield it! this can be done by using a closepin to remove the c ring and then taping out the shields
  2. clean it with mineral spirts. BE carefull when using flamable liquid.
  3. let it dry!
  4. use a small amount of thin lube and reshield the bearing.
  5. have fun! it may take a few hours to get your bearing fully unresponcive again.

Having the shields to be still on, I think you just need to break it in. Debris rarely gets into shielded bearings. Check for debris in the bearing seat.

How on Earth do you deshield the bearing with a closepin…

Paperclip perhaps,Needle,Tack…But closepin I’d like to see that.

uh hello?? a closepin is very similar to a needle you use the point to pop out the c ring.
it has always worked the best for me.

A closepin as in the wooden thing that you squeeze to clamp something ???

Im not disagreeing with you I’m just wondering :smiley:

I think you mean safety pin!

for some reason I have always called it a closepin…
but you get my point