Help me with a decision!

My friend want to trade me his 3YO3 Bass Line for my RecRev TA-1A. They both are amazing but the decision is driving me crazy! Why do you guys think?

I think it’s your decision. No one elses…

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I LOVE my TA-1A so much. I haven’t tried a Bassline but just try it out for awhile if you can and compare them as much as possible if he lets you.

Its obviously your call, bit IMO the bassline doesn’t fit my style all that well. My favorite throws for my style are a dietz, code 2, and DNA. If you like those well…


Wow that was so… Unhelpful. Lmao. ;D why post at all other then just the satisfaction of kicking a grandma out of her chair. Lol. God you make me laugh so hard sometimes.

The only one who can decide if it’s a good trade is you. That’s why.

I have a TA-1. I like it a lot. I’ve played the TA-1S(The delrin) and didn’t like it as much. This is a real “like for like” comparison because they both spec the same(I think) and are shaped the same and use the same bearing and response, just the material is different.

So, bottom line is if you want to trade, do so.

And did you not notice i had given him a ty for making me laugh. His answer was a bit sarcastic.
And yet you still gave a more informative answer then him almost saying the same thing. Thanks for proving my point.

Aside from all that the bassline is worth more so if you need to resell it later you will get more.

Provided you don’t ding it. ;D

Not sure but I think most like the TA better cuz its delrin. Maybe thats why he wants to trade. I always ask myself why someone wants to trade.

I can see why your perplexed. Well if hes your buddy. Dont trade and you all can just throw each others when your around each other.

You’re welcome.