Help me pick my band name please?

Our style is late 90s rock mixed with rap and elements of current pop (non-explicit).
Three of us from Long Island, NY. We are targeting 18-27 year olds and paying for studio time now. It should be a 4-5 song EP.
Comments or concerns? Suggestions? What do you like/not like about the names? Thanks guys!

I am from long ilsand ny and you should name your band the popdada’s…

Why are there ages on the poll?

Thats cool I’m from Garden City.

The ages are in the poll because I wanted to see what age groups like what names because were generally going for 18+ listeners.


I have a question just because I’m curious. And I don’t mean to offend you, but, why would you want to play that kind of music? I’m honestly just curious, cause you couldn’t pay me to play music like that

dayumm dude small world! do you ever hit up the NYC meets? i took the train out of mineola today!

Good question, no offense taken. I’m sure people would say the same thing about the music you play/listen to. I’ve gone from alternative rock to classic rock to metal to power metal to metalcore to hardcore, dubstep, drum and bass, rap, hiphop… I am rapping in the band and I love rap. Also that wasn’t really my best way to explain our style. Our style is pretty experimental and every song is pretty different but that was my best way to put it. It’s just a genre we like writing and producing together. The Cutting Room also loves it, thats where we are recording. I could pretty much answer that with: everyone likes different music.

Why not just call it “no cover” and create confusion?

I wish… The Who started that.

Really? I never knew that.

They aren’t the only ones. Theres like “nothing face” and stuff like that. I think The Who started. Makes sense?

How about just Triple Relay

I personally like the name Coastal Flow. Also, the style of your band is quite interesting. :slight_smile: And the list you said of going from genre 1 to genre 2 is oddly enough the way I’m kinda going. :stuck_out_tongue:

we didn’t really think of that so thank you- we are sticking with over coast for now. it has some meaning. popdada could probably figure it out

no you lost me…I still like the popdada’s…
I got to say…there is nothing more like a bundle of sticks…than the whole “what should we name our band conversation”…I’ve been in a few and I hate it…it makes my skin crawl….

I say the name of the band should be “deep fried broccoli”

IMHO. The Popdadas is an awful name. And I can guarantee you, I’m not the only one who would think that .

Over Coast sounds like it would work for your sound

just don’t name it the zombie chops… you’ll end up playing at the man hole down in west village…know what I’m saying…

Yes, he raises an excellent concern

I personally would go with



Or T.H.E B.A.N.D

Hahahaha. I don’t get it. At least that name is original, which is rare these days. We recently went back to our old band now, Exoskeleton, actually. We had so many requests to bring that sound back. So we did. It’s back to good ol crusty crossover thrash punk.