Help me make my decision

So i got some cash saved up. I am looking to start 2A. I want to get a Raider EX but i dont have the money right now to buy two. But i can go to my local toys r’us and buy two raiders if i wanted to. What do you guys think i should do? Another question is should i upgrade from my fast 201 and get a duncan metal drifter?

can’t help with your 2a decision, but i don’t think metal drifter would be a noticeable upgrade over fast 201 (unless you’re going to do 5a).

i’d recommend learning the bind on your fast (if you don’t know how yet) and go for a nice plastics yoyo (think- proto/north stars, adegle’s asteroid/PSG and so on). However, if you want a metal one without paying more than you’d pay for metal drifter, look into cheap chinese yoyos, like magicyoyo (awesome yoyos for awesome price), n9 with stacks removed is awesome and n11 looks really nice too.

Dude, 2a means looping yoyos. The raiders are a good pic, as they’re pretty much classic loopers. they’ll be decent to learn on. the Raider EXs have adjustable gaps with shims, right? not sure how much that’ll benefit you. If you can wait to save up, get the EX’s, if not, just get raiders. you more than likely will not be dissapointed

yeah, i know, his question about 2a was “raiders VS raiders EX”, i tried to answer his SECOND question “fast 201 -> metal drifter”

or did i misunderstood something?..

oh, you’re right. my bad.

i cant help you too much with the looping question cuz i fail at looping. i do have a raider and its good, but the only other looper i tried is a loop 900, and i like the raider more. i would save up for the ex cause of the ajustable gap.

the drifter isnt that amazing, and its responsive without a bearing cleaning. i would go for an adegle plastic, a psg or asteroid, they are amazing 1A players at a steal (they cost $15) they are unresponsive too!

buy one Raider EX and work your weak hand till you can afford the second. Strong hand will catch on quick.