Help Me, I'm totally confused😕

I just want to know your overall opinion of what I should get, should I get the Magicyoyo Crystal K2 yoyo or Topyo Mojo yoyo, because the price are quite similar and the review’s in YouTube are also similar. If you want, you could just tell me which one, but you could also tell me why you choose that one

Mojo is the best plastic i ever played.


Just buy your Mojo here from the experts and get off Amazon.


Oh wow I didn’t expect someone to answer, but well thank for the opinion, I appreciate that

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Ok, ok let’s think of that​:thinking::thinking:

By the way, the clear Topyo Mojo yoyo, are they easy to break?, It look’s like glass but I believe its plastic

I’ll throw a wrench in the system, I have both and prefer the crystal, but it is responsive, so you will have to swap the bearing thus making it cost more.

If you’re looking for a beginner yoyo, with responsive bearing go with the Crystal. If you’re looking for a more advanced one definitely go with the MOJO, one of best plastic on the market IMHO.

Ok so you like the Crystal more, but if I want to change the yoyo to unresponsive I have to buy another bearing, cool. Thanks for the opinion

Wow ok thx, you kinda answer the question, Thank you so much🙂

Both are great! There is no wrong choice therefore no confusion.

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Welcome to the forums! Trust me, when someone asks questions here it’s guaranteed you will get answers and sometimes you will get so many answers it can be overwhelming. Yoyoers take care of each other!


Welcome to the forums! Why not just pick the one you like the look of?

Both are so similar so there’s little to lose haha. Be sure to have fun with your choice!

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If you have the extra pocket change, I dont think many will argue, that the recess first base is a top notch choice in a plastic. Not to mention some fun colors here on yoyoexpert. However if your budget is set, you really will not be disappointed with either the mojo or crystal.


Agreed. First Base is awesome and comes with two bearings so you can set it up responsive or unresponsive. The Mojo is also great. So is the Diffusion. I got all the yo-yos in this post from @Isaac except for the Speedaholic XX and the SF PLSTC (because it wasn’t available). Although all are great, I like First Base, Diffusion, Antidote and Mojo best (in that order probably too).


Absolutely second the first base recommendation. It’s basically the go to for beginner recommendations. I forgot it’s still in stock hahaha.

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Got it, got it…

yeah, I really didn’t expect anything, Thanks anyway

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Ok thanks

Oh ok got you, thanks