Help me get to worlds: Diversion, NewBreed, Projam, CounterWeights. all for $75!

I only accept paypal. No cash/money order.

Prices include shipping within the US.

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Beater Duncan Diversion: Worst damage is shown in the pictures below. Still a smooth yoyo, very nice on the string. $45

Worlds Edition YYJ New Breed: Has a few scratches on the metal rims that only go through the ano, you can’t even feel them. Very smooth, and very nice playing. $25

Mint YYJ Projam: Good mod fodder or beginner yoyo. $7 (Would like to only sell this as an addition to another item)

3 Cloudy Weights and 1 Nick Ball: No damage on any of them. Sell all for $8 or $2 each. (Would like to only sell these as an addition to another item)

I’ll sell everything listed for $75

Mint with package (thrown for 5 min) Dif-E-Yo Juggernaught: Mint, smooth, played for only 5 min period and decided it was not for me. $85 SOLD
Pair of YYJ Fiestas: One is brand new and only played over carpet. The other has one small scratch on it. They play perfect. $30 for the pair. $17 each. SOLD
Mint YYF Primo: Mint, smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown. Green acid wash, ABSOLUTELY beautiful. $80
48-Star Case: This thing is in great condition. Very good for any collector. The star holes are my favorite, it just works so well. But I don’t need this anymore. $45 + $15 for shipping = $60 Shipped
Mint Big Brother TT: Blue/camo splash, splash side has a heart in it. Good yoyo. $60
Big Brother Bully v2: Has a couple of nicks and scratches that go through the anno, nothing that effects play at all. Worst damage is shown in the picture. Great yoyo. $50
Mint Silicone Recessed Flying Squirrell: Wonderful little yoyo, great for beginners and/or someone learning how to bind. $10 (Would like to only sell this as an addition to another item)

Thanks for looking.


Everything is Pending to Bergy.

EDIT: No longer pending.

Primo and Diversion are gone.

New price on everything- $135

Bully and TT are sold!