Help me find this string please!

I’m not really sure exactly what tag I should be using, but I would really like some help. I bought an edge ultimatum from bphilly, and it came with this blue string that is honestly really good. It is soft, but feels… substantial??? Not really sure what is the best adjective. But it is really soft, softer than my sochi, has 0 roughness to it it, and is one of the smoothest strings I’ve tried (though this isn’t saying much since I’ve only tried sochi fat and mfd vines). Though this isn’t saying much since I’ve tried like 3 other strings… I might be an idiot, and it might in fact be a sochi string with a different color, since I heard that different colors affect the property of the string. What I do know is that its fire, and I wanted to know if any of y’all recognize the specific shade or the string. I have a hunch it might be kitty fat, but I heard it gets bad easily.

Thanks a lot for reading and stuff.


he mentioned that he didn’t know what the string was, so I posted it here!

Figured it was worth a try :joy: I think its a topyo string but do i dare say that on here people here dont like guesses. I hope this helps

oooh it looks remarkably similar. hmmm

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