Help me find the right string for me

So i’m looking to try a new type of string. There are certain traits that “need”, then there are some that are just preferences (things I would like but aren’t deal breakers if not a trait of the string)


  1. Great for whips Something i’ll have good, easy control over for tricks like brent stole and lord of the flies. Something like what Janos Karancz might use.
  2. Not thin at least medium thickness. Also not something super thick.
  3. Bright colors something that will be really easy to see even in less than perfect lighting; something that will show up well in video.
  4. Not too slick The string has to have a good grip on my finger, I really don’t want it to feel like its going to fall off when the string isn’t being pulled on.
  5. Not too grippy on itself or during binds. I’m currently using #82 string and i love it except for this trait. It grips itself on trick where several layers of string rub up against each other. It feels like there is too much friction when it rubs against itself.


  1. long lasting
  2. comes in red (and neon yellow/green)
  3. holds tension well
  4. looks nice and “flowy” during tricks like revolutions.

Thanks in advance!

Fat kitty poly is pretty good all around

Look at the Toxic “Metz” strings. They come in some great colors, and they come in thick and thin.
They are super soft, but still whip really well.

You should also take a good look at String Lab “Ammo’s”.
They also come in a lot of great colors, and while not super thick, they are considered a thick string.
The thickness provides the weight required for being great for whipping as well.

I got some toxic baselines a while back and they fell off my finger when i would spin start the yoyo with my hands, do metz strings stay on better?

I’ve never used the Baselines, but I can tell you that the Metz’s will not have that issue.

Just get kitty fat