Help me figure out the best way to read comics digitally

I want to read comics. Paid subscription is fine. Need to be able to read on Android AND iOS.

Is there a service like Netflix? Where I can stream/read an entire arc of comics from a single source with like just a monthly fee?

Marvel has a subscription service you can sign up for; not too sure about DC, but I’m sure they must.

Alternatively, you could download the .epub files and read them with reader.


Solved! Got a Comixology login from a friend. It’s super good. Includes a number of publishers,options to buy,and is so well organized it’s crazy. Thanks!


Get any free comic reading app, a ton of comics are available on bit torrent

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lol I remember when I first discovered torrents. Blew my tiny little mind. My life has never been the same.

Not that I’d personally know anything about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, is this also how one gets a “Netflix login” from a “friend”? :laughing:


Lol yup! I like paying for good things, and this is a good thing. Just started my free trial and will be a good consumer thereafter.

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