Comic Books!

Hey guys! I just got into collecting comic books. I used to collect graphic novels until a couple weeks ago my friend gave me a comic because he lost a bet against me. The comic that he gave me was a New Mutants #98 and I got it CGC graded at a local comic book store and I got it back with a 9.0 grade, which is awesome, since I thought it was going to be way worse, like in the 6.0 or 7.0 range. So, now I am going to begin collecting comics, not just to have them sitting in a box, but to also read them. Do any of you guys collect comics? Any cool stories or comics that you have?

I used to collect comics back in the day. I have a huge Tupperware bin full of them. Probably weighs a good 150lbs. I collected mostly Spider-Man but I do have some Batman, Fantastic Four and Hulk. Never got Any of them graded though.

I’d actually like to get rid of them now. They’re taking up space in my closet…

I’d could take those off your hands if you’d like! Haha