Help me decide please.


Hey guys I’m going to the va state yoyo contest(I’m not competing just going to watch) in about a week and I’m trying to decide what to pick up while I’m there. I like the look of the following yoyos, clyw manatee, clyw compass, clyw jackknife, core co standard, sengoku kenshin, iyoyo steel and the yyf edge. Can you guys help me narrow it down a bit? Thanks!

Ps: I don’t really have enough of a collection/experience yet to know what characteristics I like in a yoyo so I just want to try good yoyos that other people like. So just tell me which ones you like and why. not necessarily based off what I would like…if that makes sense?


Wait until you get there and get the coolest one you can afford.


You’ll be able to try a lot of different throws there. There’s probably going to be a lot of people who are selling their own throws for much cheaper than if you were to buy retail so just look around when you’re there.


Ok cool :sunglasses:. Thanks guys