I need to know this so please hurry up and vote. This is needed.

So I’m either saving up to get a DNA, 888 or just buying an M1.
I currently have $80 and it would take me a maximum of 4 days to get another $40.

Why on earth would you base your decision on a voting poll? Just pick the one you want.

Like 'em a little small, go for the 888 or M1. Want a full size? Get the DNA.

Simple as that.

Because I can’t decide

What other yoyos do you have? What do you like or dislike about them?

Well I have a Hitman and use my brothers DM.
I really like both of them it’s just that I want variety.

Well, the hitman and dm are both full sized, so if variety is really what you’re going for, get the m1 or 888 since they’re smaller. Unless of course all metal is enough variety for you, as neither the hitman nor the dm are all metal designs.
I can say though, that i’ve been using my dna pretty much exclusively since i got it last week, and i adore it.

Hubstacks are fun to play with :wink:

We cant decide for you. You need to decide.

Before I begin, money. I think you can hold off another yoyo for about a week. After all, why get a product that doesnt serve you like you want it just because you got it cheaper? So I suggest getting all of the money in case you decide.

They will all play the same, and will serve you to an extent upon what you wish. Lets knock down the obvious first. Size: Small or large? If you pick small, go with an M1 or 888. If you pick large - You’re done - Go with the DNA. But if you picked small? Lets move on :wink:

We’ve gotten size, now lets take a whack at the shape. This is very simple, seeing as how you have used a DM and a HM. Do you want a shape with Flat Rims like the DM? Or more rounded and smooth like the HM? If you choose HM, then go with the 888, if you choose the DM, the M1 is for you!

But I want hubstacks really bad!
Well, if so, then the M1 is long gone. Unless you want to do minor modding to get it to have stacks, I suggest going for an 888 or DNA. If you do have to choose between them, think of the size. Small = 888, large = DNA

i agree with Samad the whole way, what kind of style do you have, what tircks do you like or want to learn. once you know all of that you can choose accordingly

yup samad is correct its about you and your preference