Help in sleeper and side throw.

i need tips!
in both tricks!
my side throw (breakaway) it is always slant!, not straight!
and also in my sleeper always go in the sides of my finger not straight. (i always make my thumb up.)

(Is there a specific slipknot for tying a yoyo string?, or just a normal slipknot?)

(I didn’t mind this problem in my side and front throw because i only throw for fun, but now i would take it serious even only in my throws! :))

Well this is mostly a practice thing. All you need to do is to practice throwing straight. Xdohl brought some really good techniques to this site.

For sleeper, stand on a floor with straigh lines (tiles, planks etc.). Now make sure you are standing over one of these lines. You are now going to throw. Try to match the gap and string with the lines on the floor.

For a breakaway stand really close to a wall (facing it). Now throw a breakaway without hitting the wall. Just move closer and closer to the wall as you succeed.

For breakaway, i spent like 2 weeks to perfect my throw. One thing to try out is holding the yoyo differenlty, like the two edges of the yo at a different angle.

Just practice. lol Sorry, sounds like the worse advice you can give :-[

Try placing your thumb on top of the yoyo and for the knot its just a normal knot with the string fed through it the just place your finger in the created loop-If  the knot its made correctly the loop should get tighter when you are playing with the yoyo.(you may need tape for your finger becouse it can get prity tight) Going back to the throw, try throwing slower just focusing on the throw it self(then the power).
I find the more you make a muscle the better the throw.
This video might give you the idea for the knot.

Hope this helps.