Help! Have any of you had this problem?

So I got a one drop t1. I was very pleased with it until about 3 days later, the bearing got noisy, and became very responsive. The spin time was also about an eight of what it was. I tried lubricating, cleaning and other stuff, but it remained this way. So I replaced the bearing all together.
Then THAT bearing became responsive. So I sent it back to Yoyoexpert, and they replaced the bearing, but this happened again. Now it is happening with my eternal throw elesyuim (after 4 days of owning it, and no tampering with the bearing) and I am worried that I will have to return the two. What should I do? Can I fix them?



Onedrop bearings normally get loud during the breakin period and then get better. You can try cleaning them but make sure you’re doing the correct procedure since lubricating them will make them responsive and have worse sleep times if you do it wrong.

Yes, generally it’s a proper cleaning as sparhawk says. Remove the shields, soak/agitate in solvent, dry thorougly. Blow the solvent out with air if available. If you lube, do it sparingly.