Help guys string marks


I yoyo everyday like 2 to 4 hours and when i make a slip knot on the string and put it on the part near my nail it always get marks quick and when throwing a strong throw or catching a strong throw it also hurts but if i put on the bottom of my finger it wont hurt but i cant do tricks like chopsticks and stuff what should i do. Does this problem go with practice?
p.s. i don’t know if this is the right place to post


It’s supposed to be on your throw hand(often dominant hand), middle finger, middle segment, somewhere in there. You know, between the first and second knuckle.


it doesn’t really matter where you put it, you just need to practice, there are some good players who don’t even put it on their middle finger at all, as well as people like me who throw a lot of 1A stuff but use a counterweight too hold it.

Its normal too have it on your middle finger either right behind or right in front of your middle knuckle.
All places have their down and upsides, the more abnormal your position the more you will have to figure stuff out your self rather then fallow the tuts exactly.
Also you can just use some tape, this stuff called elastikon, and micro pore tape are both very good, you can leave them on all day long and after a few minutes you don’t notice them being there.