Help getting out of a yoyo rut


Recently I’ve been stuck throwing the same old tricks and combos filled with double or nothings 1.5 mounts white buddhas and kwijibos. I’m trying to make the jump to more advanced tricks that look nicer but can’t find out how or where to learn them. Any help is appreciated, advice on how to get to the next level.

Thanks, Sean.

Maybe pick a new area and run with it. Do you want to learn some slack tricks? Behind the back stuff? Maybe some horizontals? Or perhaps grinding tricks?

Alternatively, give the 1A a bit of a break for a while and give another play type a go. 5A is always a good way to take what you’ve learned in 1A and explore.

End of the day, yoyos are just toys. If you’re not having fun, just put them away for a bit, go do something else and come back re-energised.


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Thanks Yuki,
To learn new tricks would you recommend watching other peoples videos as the best way to do it?

I would highly recommend learning Yuuki Spencers soiled panties. Also try watching a lot of Zach Gormely he always get me in the mood to lay down some new tricks

Watching videos is definitely the way to go as far as getting some spiffy ideas goes but most of those competition videos are a bit too quick to learn tricks from unless you’re really really good. CLYW have been posting some interesting trick tutorials on their youtube channel and there are some great trick tutorials on when you move into their more advanced stuff.


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Some places to learn new tricks

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learn some slack tricks like revalutions laserations and suicides