help bearing doesnt spin long


i have a twisted triefta that i clean in acetone for five minutes and put v4m lube on it and it doesn’t spin as long as it used :frowning: to be plz help. :slight_smile:


My first guess would be too much lube. If this is the case it’s back-up and clean it over again with less lube or play it and play it and play it until you work through the excess lube I think. Hopefully some one with greater experience with lube will weigh in.


First, did you let the acetone evaporate? Did you remove the shields?

Second, how much lube did you use and HOW did you lube it? If unshielded, dip pin or needel into lube, touch to 1-2 balls. Spin. Repeat maybe. Re-shield if desired. If shielded, 1/2 drop.

The Trifecta ships clean and dry. There was most likely no need to clean it.


Whenever you take a bearing out of a yoyo, never use needle nose pliers. Needle nose pliers compress the outer metal ring and can make the bearing not perfectly round causing it to spin less. If you clean your bearing in paint thinner then it leaves a very thin layer of residue that eventually can cause the yoyo to get dirty again. I don’t know if this is the same with acetone but just thought I’d mention it. also make sure if you had just siliconed a yoyo that no silicone got on the inside the bearing seat. Probably none of these have to do with your problem but yet again, just thought I’d mention them :smiley: .

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I assume the lube you’re using is thin, but I’d check just in case. :wink: lol.

^Acetone shouldn’t leave any residue, so doubt you’ll have any issue there. As others have said, it most likely is too much lube; I personally just prefer to play unshielded. Louder, but easier to clean and lube. :stuck_out_tongue:


Many people say ceramics arnt worth the extra money for the extra performance, but I’m a huge fan of them. They last forever, and they never need lubbed. That’s a big deal for me.