Hells Angels vs. Yomega & Toys R Us


This could get interesting.


really now -_- thats messed up hells angels!

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They have a valid argument…


How so? They do have a case here. The images Yomega used on their Raiders do look very similar to the Hells Angels’ death head logo.


They are too similar. While I see a lot of differences, there’s far too much similarity. The lawsuit would have merit.

Yomega should just change it to a Viking graphic or something.


How is that messed up? Hells Angels have a valid point.
Though Yomega can defend that the designs have subtle differences, it’s the big picture that counts.

I really don’t mind if Yomega changes the logo. I don’t like the new design anyway. Looks too hideous. They should have kept the old design.


Has anyone been to Toys’R’Us recently? If so, are these Raiders still on the shelves? People would be smart to snatch them up while they can, because these will be worth $$$ in the future. :wink:


It sounds a little crazy to me. It’s like if the Celtic who have a copy right on their Leprechaun put out a law suit against Lucky charms because their Leprechaun was similar.

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Not in the slightest. Your example is too far fetched. The Hells Angels Death Head logo and the Raider graphic are incredibly similar.


If you have multiple trademarks for an image, as well as the money to cover the costs of protecting those trademarks, you would be crazy not to do so. That is all the Hells Angels are doing here.


Totally agree with most who replied: this case not only has merit, but is a likely slam dunk for Hells Angels. What some people may not know is that you are actually obligated to protect your trademark if you want to preserve it. You need to be able to demonstrate a continued and active interest in protecting your trademarks or they can be lost.


Valid point. If these are in stores, I might have to spend money just to snag a pair just to be “safe”. The bigger question will be do I unwrap them and keep them or keep them packaged and hope to sell them for a bit of profit later… Chances are they are gonna get ripped open and played right away. Oh well.

On the other hand, I haven’t even touched the Loop 808’s I bought at Nationals. Still fresh in their boxes.


Still, it seems a little crazy that a biker gang has a lawsuit against a company selling toys to 10 year olds. Free marketing.


So… Because a company sells toys to kids, that makes it okay for them to be involved with trademark infringement?


Yomega does plenty of reprehensible things, patent infringement is just their newest endeavor.


Lmao…wow. Imma have to calls some old friends about this one. Blast from the past . GO HELLS!


You can get them online.

I thought about buying a pair to resell in the future after that design is discontinued, but I figured it wouldn’t fetch much more than retail. I mean they’re plastic loopers…


Yeah, I saw that TRU still has them on their website*. But the page also says that “colors/styles vary”, which means that you might not even get the ones in the product photos. Because of what is going on with the HAMC, they might not even be available anymore.

(*YYE doesn’t have this item in stock, so this isn’t a violation of forum guidelines as far as I can tell.)


Toys R Us lists most of their yoyo offerings as “colors may vary”. I will be going down to the local one and buying a pair today. I see no point in keeping them mint in the package. I’m gonna crack them open, play them and photograph them today if I’m in the mood to do so.

So far, Toys R Us hasn’t yanked them from shelves, at least best I can tell from various articles. It will be interesting to see how this goes down.

Personally, the Hell’s Angels Angle Skull logo in and of itself has NO recognition to me. I gotta see the words “Hell’s Angels” to know what’s going on. But, then again, I’m not into bikes. At the same time, I know plenty of those who have motorcycles as well as had some hardcore biker friends in the past, many of whom are/were Hells Angels, and I can’t say anything negative about them.

I’m all for protecting intellectual property. This one seems a bit of a slam dunk. Someone at Yomega I think failed to do their research and due diligence on this one.


Just a note to mention that I get a kick out of the forum’s auto-censor turning the properly-apostrophed version into “heck’s Angels”. ;D